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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Who Pays the Bills?

Senator John Kerry today:
If I am President, never again will parents or husbands or wives of soldiers have to send them body armor instead of photographs and care packages. Last month a young newlywed in Virginia who, as her husband was about to ship out to Iraq, gave him a bulletproof vest for Valentine's Day. I can tell you right now: in a Kerry Administration, no one will be getting body armor as a gift from a loved one; it will come from the Armed Forces of the United States of America. We will supply our troops with everything they need -- and we will reimburse each and every family who has had to buy body armor because this Administration made Valentine's Day part of the procurement process.

Vice President Cheney, today:
Senator Kerry has also had a few things to say about support for our troops now on the ground in Iraq. Among other criticisms, he has asserted that those troops are not receiving the materiel support they need. Just this morning, he again gave the example of body armor, which he said our administration failed to supply. May I remind the Senator that last November, at the President's request, Congress passed an $87 billion supplemental appropriation. This legislation was essential to our ongoing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan - providing funding for body armor and other vital equipment; hazard pay; health benefits; ammunition; fuel, and spare parts for our military. The legislation passed overwhelmingly, with a vote in the Senate of 87 to 12. Senator Kerry voted no. I note that yesterday, attempting to clarify the matter, Senator Kerry said, quote, "I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it." (Laughter.) It's a true fact. (Laughter.)

Kerry fled Vietnam long before the end of his tour, becoming the only American commander to abandon his troops in time of war. Before congress he depicted his fellow service members as brutal thugs, guilty of routinely committing heinous atrocities. Throughout his senatorial career he's voted down virtually every attempt by anyone to fund or equip the military. Meanwhile, he's voted for or against putting American troops in harms way purely on political lines - Democrat president? Lets get 'em! Republican president? Call the UN!

And now, he's offering to buy my vote. Actually, there will be three eligible voters (Florida, via absentee ballot) under my roof this year. And this liar, this man of no honor, this traitorous, unprincipled, pompous blowhard, who could have done so much for us over the past two decades, offers us a "Bill of Rights" - only if we vote him in to the highest office in the land?

What "Bill of Rights" do I need, beyond that within the Constitution I've sworn to defend, Senator?

Why don't you introduce your "Bill" on the Senate floor, Senator Kerry? Why must I await its benefits as a reward for my vote?

I refrain from profanity in this blog, Senator. I won't respond in the manner in which you would on your blog. You who recently told a questioner, a voter, a citizen, that it was "none of his business" which foreign leaders wanted you to be President of the United States of America. His country! Is that a sign of the "Bill of Rights" you're preparing for Americans?

Thanks for your many votes over the years, senator. Now I get to vote on you.

I vote "NO".