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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Justice in Spain?

Five arrests in Spain:
MADRID, Spain - Spain's interior minister Saturday announced the arrest of five suspects in the Madrid bombings, including three Moroccans.

The other two suspects had Indian passports, a ministry spokesman said.


The suspects "could be related to Moroccan extremist groups," the minister said. "But we should not rule out anything. Police are still investigating all avenues. This opens an important avenue."

Indians? In fact, according to Voice of America and The Scotsman:
Interior Minister Angel Acebes said at a Madrid news conference Saturday, that three of those taken into custody are Moroccans.

He described the other two as "Hindus." In addition to the five, he said two Spaniards of Hindu origin are also being questioned, but are not expected to be arrested.


This could be "fog of war" type stuff at this point. We shall see.

The first story above notes that
In a show of national unity, massive crowds gathered in Barcelona, Seville, Valencia and even in Spain's Canary Islands off western Africa on Friday night to protest the attack. State TV said nationwide, more than 11 million marched — one-quarter of Spain's 42 million people.

But CNN reports that
The news came on the eve of national elections, as thousands of demonstrators gathered at the headquarters of the ruling political party. The protesters were accusing Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar of covering up the investigation of the terrorist attacks.

The demonstrators accuse the Popular Party of covering up evidence linking Islamic extremists, possibly even al Qaeda, to the attacks.


A banner referring to the government as liars stretched above hundreds of signs bearing the single word "Paz," Spanish for peace.

Actually they're "thousands of Spanish Communists" for the most part. It's safe for them in the streets now that the millions of mourners are busy burying the dead.

And they know who's to blame:
Opposition members believe Islamic militants targeted Spain because of Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar's support for the U.S.-led war in Iraq. They believe Aznar's government is trying to downplay that possibility to improve its chances in the election.

About 5,000 people protested Saturday outside the ruling party headquarters in Madrid, holding up signs saying "no more cover-up."

One banner read: "Aznar, because of you we all pay."

But this developing news from the same CNN story:
...a man appearing in a videotape claiming to be a military spokesman for Al Qaeda in Europe says the terror group is behind Thursday's bombings that killed 200 people. The tape -- which has not been independently verified -- was delivered to a broadcast station Saturday.

Arrests just as the Communists gather to protest the "cover up". Great timing, comrades.

For what its worth: the lefty bloggers, who've been silent for days, are now crawling out from under their rocks.

More to come, to be sure.

Update from

Hindú doesn't necessarily mean 'Hindu'

If you're reading today's news out of Spain, you may notice that some of those arrested for the terrorist attacks in Madrid are referred to as hindues. Hindú is one of those words that can be confusing out of context: It can refer to a Hindu or the Hindu religion, but it is also a noun and adjective referring to a person from India regardless of the person's religion.

Hindú, then, is an example of a "fickle friend," a word that sometimes means the same as its English counterpart but often doesn't.