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Tuesday, May 06, 2003


The vast majority of readers of this site either have or are mothers. This section is dedicated to you.

My mother, wife, sister and daughters are all women. It's too bad they have no other choice but to work "pink collar" jobs for the rest of their lives.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Women are more educated and employed at higher levels than ever before but remain largely confined to traditional "pink-collar" jobs, a study by the American Association of University Women finds.
The highest proportions of college-educated working women are in teaching and nursing. For college-educated men, neither occupation appears on their list of the 10 most common.
Overall, the most common occupations for women are secretaries, bookkeepers, sales supervisors, nurses, waitresses, receptionists and cooks, according to the study being released Monday. It cited data from the Census Bureau.

Thank goodness the American Association of University Women have alerted us to this alarming data. I think we should force these women to find jobs other then nursing and teaching. Those jobs are so demeaning!

Fortunately, thanks to the SARS outbreak, one option may be for them to find work with the Women's World Cup. Or is that sexist too?

And you wealthy, highly paid men out there should help stimulate the economy by buying your moms a high tech Mother's Day gadget. If they're educated enough to figure out how to work it. (I bet the American Association of University Women could probably conduct a study to prove they're not.)

But now, the real "non-inclusive" aspects of the American Association of University Women can at last be exposed, right here in The Mudville Gazette. They never even considered this:

Monday, April 28, 2003 -- NORTHAMPTON - Smith College students earlier this month made a decision some might find mystifying: Although Smith is a women's college, the students voted to change the language of their student constitution so that the pronouns "she" and "her" would be replaced with gender-neutral terms.

The vote applies only to student government documents, and not to official college publications, so none of the college's brochures will excise the female pronouns.

The student government vote is an indication of a deeper issue facing Smith College, and other same-sex institutions, which is that a growing number of students identify themselves as transgender, and say they feel uncomfortable with female pronouns.

"Smith College is a college for women, and within that there is a place for all kinds of women," said Brenda Allen, director of institutional diversity.
In addition to the issue of gender identity, within the transgendered movement there is also the matter of sex-reassignment surgery, formerly known as sex-change operations.

Dean of the College Maureen Mahoney said there is no policy in place at Smith that prevents students from undergoing sex-reassignment surgery while students are at the college. But she admits that the matter raises complex issues that the college has yet to fully deal with.

" surgery, formerly known as sex-change operations." That's good. That whole "change" thing carried way too much stigma. And I suppose "operation" is clearly too right wing now, as in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Thanks to Sunshine DeWitt, the author of that enlightening piece, we are all more aware.

And finally, here's one last mummy story for today.

Happy Mothers Day to all.