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Friday, May 02, 2003


Because, as all modern liberated Frenchmen know, not everything is Black and White. Greyhawk, in spite of his name, will never hesitate to link stories exploring (exploiting?) color in America (and elsewhere).

Times reporter resigns under pressure.
"Jayson Blair, the New York Times reporter who copied portions of a Texas newspaper's story about a woman whose son died during the war in Iraq, resigned under pressure yesterday."

No comment yet from Democrat presidential candidate Al Sharpton, but personally I think they just fired him because he's black. Can't wait to se Mr Sharpton attack the NY Times. For you other budding young journalists: avoid trouble, just post a link!

In a strange, possibly distantly related story, AP reports on a whites-only High School Prom. Will they play music by white musicians only? Could this be all about avoiding dance floor embarrassment?

And in an unrelated story from the Guardian,
Marijuana, pornography and illegal labour
have created a hidden market in the United States which now accounts for as much as 10% of the American economy.

And a tip of the hat to Drudge.