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Sunday, April 06, 2003


JOHANNA MCGEARY of time magazine has established her conditions for victory in Iraq. Among other things she says:

"There's another task to be achieved for the enterprise to be deemed successful: the U.S. needs to locate the weapons of mass destruction that the Administration claimed were cause for the war. None have been found yet. ...But if they aren't found, that would lead many to question the war..." profound. So according to Johanna/Time, if we get rid of Saddam and free the Iraqi people and stabilize the region through strength, we could still loose the war if we don't find hidden weapons of mass destruction. Bummer! I'll bet the troops will be pissed!

Here's a happy thought for you folks who think that way: Saddam Hussein is a weapon of mass destruction. Okay? But only as the head of a government. Get a grip, get a clue. We are doing what's right.

Iraq could manufacture WMD. We know this. Suppose they stopped for a while and destroyed all their stores. What stops them from rebuilding their supply? Their fundamental goodness and decency? Their burning desire to be a part of the world community? Their love of all mankind? We've certainly seen all that demonstrated this past week.

I believe our nation's leading print/electronic media detractors are drooling all over themselves as they cook up victory conditions for our troops. Expect the talking heads to panel-discuss this thing to death too. Here at the Mudville Gazette we will simply continue to expose all "journalists" who attempt to establish conditions for victory in the current war.

On a positive note, buried near the bottom of the article was an actual condition for victory:
"Victory is when the President announces it," White House spokesman Ari Fleischer replied.

That's the plus side of winning a war.

Johanna's Time's article is here