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Wednesday, April 23, 2003


How low can the left go? How far down the path away from any semblance of humanity? Two recent stories indicate no definitive answer to these questions. From all current indications there may be no limit, no action beyond the pale for these people. It would be easy to dismiss these actions as impulsive reactions driven by a sense of impotent rage over the absolute failure of the anti-everything movement. It would be convenient to excuse this behavior as desperate attempts to gain some justification for a failed ideology, a feeble denial of the pointlessness of existence for someone whose fundamental character flaws have never before been so completely and obviously exposed. But I suspect these recent actions are merely another example of the mindless ignorance that guides the left today. Mindless and ignorant, but none the less dangerous because there's always someone out there willing to be taken in, or simply gullible enough to be seduced by "the big lie."

ITEM 1: I never thought I'd live in a country where this could be an item for legitimate debate.I find myself sickened and repulsed by the actions of Morris County NOW President Mavra Stark. Maybe by the time you read this she(?) will have backtracked away from her statements regarding the murder of Laci Peterson and her unborn child. The idea that this child was not "murdered" is repulsive to any civilized human. The idea that the right to late term abortion on demand must be preserved at all costs is beyond comprehension to anyone but the type of sub-human gutter dwelling slimeball that would say:

"He was wanted and expected, and (Laci Peterson) had a name for him, but if he wasn't born, he wasn't born. It sets a kind of precedent," Stark said, adding that the issue was "just something I've been ruminating on.

And this in a pre-emptive strike. Just something she was ruminating on. Welcome to Marva's Amerika. In Marva's Amerika things like this next item would be accepted as gospel without challenge or comment (ruminating would not be permitted!):

ITEM 2: Most of you will be familiar with the instant controversy surrounding formerly unknown Senator Rick Santorum (R, Pa). Santorum's comments regarding what behaviors in what bedrooms should be protected by the Government of the United States have ignited a firestorm of protest by "gay rights activists." At the forefront of the attacks is former war hero, now anti-American slimeball and Democratic Presidential front runner John Kerry. Kerry, a multi-millionaire by marriage in spite of a ghoul-like appearance, was out of the blocks with incredible speed to rally to the support of America's downtrodden queer community. Of course, he had a lttle help, according to Fox:

Some Republican sources are quietly raising questions about the reporter who first quoted Santorum and who is continuing to report on the conflict it created. Her name is Lara Jakes Jordan. She is married to Jim Jordan, a former DSCC official who now manages Kerry's campaign.

So there you have it. An incredible example of a set-up and ambush, designed to do nothing other then paint Kerry as a hero of the oppressed. Kerry stands for nothing. A fabricated cause to rally around? Nice try, Senator. But before any reasonable discussion can be had regarding this issue the original claims of a biased reporter must be tossed. Of course, this leaves you with nothing. Try and find a worthwhile and real cause, Johnny. Preferably one you didn't fabricate yourself.

How about the murder of a baby. You got a minute for that one, Johnny?