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Thursday, April 24, 2003


Beijing (IP News)
In an interesting development today,
North Korea demanded that the United States "just go ahead and kick our asses!." The demand came after a day of talks with the belligerent "communist superpower" broke down over the lack of fresh dog meat served at the lunch counter.

"Really now, you pansies, we mean it." Stated a North Korean spokescommunist "Whatcha waitin' for, candypants? C'mon, big shot! Tough guy! Knock me down, I dare ya! Yea, just what I thought, you're a big wussie! All you Democrats and Republicans put together cant touch our stuff! We got nukes too, you retards! Hey, African Americans: Yo momma! Yo mamma loved it! Hey white dog stupid round eye monkey people, who's the boss now? North Korea, that's who! You think you're so tough? Your not squat! You're going down, sissies! C'mon, I dare ya! I dare ya to blow up our nuke plant! I dare you to cross this line! No Republican Guard surrender here, you capitalist pig war mongers. We got top-notch Russian and French stuff to whip your butts! So yea, bring it on!"

Senior Bush officials declined to comment. "Probably afraid to!" Added the North Korean.