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Wednesday, April 09, 2003


An alert reader asked
(via e-mail) "Greyhawk, why do you fabricate e-mail questions? I then denied that I do. Then he said "and how about the entire Southern Hemisphere? There's loads of stupid people there too! Why do you ignore it?" And I said "I didn't hear you. What?"

From Australia:
I haven't found a link yet, but apparently the Dixie Chicks are in Australia (a "coalition country") for a concert in Sydney. They said in an interview there (I saw it on TV, but can't remember what show, I wasn't really watching it) that they were just joking on that Bush comment. It was a joke, get it? Me neither.

From New Zealand:
Check this guy out. Is that confusion on his face? Personally I think he took a wrong turn at Kuwait City and ended up in Teheran.

And I found this on an Australian web site while looking for dixies. Strange in that I had just posted another story about a pervert in a public restroom. Draw your own conclusions.