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Tuesday, April 08, 2003


Everyone knows about the Dixie Chicks,
poor things! When confronted with all that anti-American feeling in Europe, who could blame them for joining in? (Country music fans, that's who!). Then they said they were sorry, and now they say they were joking. Whatever. America isn’t laughing.

But I'll bet you didn't hear about Lance Armstrong, cancer-survivor and four-time Tour-de-France winner who hopes to win a record-tying fifth in a row this summer.

Think about it - this guy will be riding a bike through France of all places. And they hate him like no other American for dominating their sport! It's like if the US team were to win the World Cup in Soccer - there's got to be something we can't do better then everyone! And he'll be riding thousands of miles, exposed on the open roads of their country! Get the picture? Okay, so what does Lance have to say? Well this is from his web site:

"...In my opinion it's not really the place of an athlete to take a position here. And I do think there should be a strong delineation from sports, war, diplomacy, and politics. I am getting asked this question repeatedly over here because a) I'm an American like the President, b) I'm a Texan like the President, and c) I am a friend of the President's. The war seems to be very unpopular here (lots and lots of protests) and it's normal that the press tries to get a quote regarding this.

"What I will say, and have said many times, is that NOBODY wants a war. Not me. Not President Bush. Not Tony Blair. No one... but sometimes it may be unavoidable. I absolutely support the President and absolutely support our troops."

And now a few people are suggesting Lance and the US Postal Service Team should withdraw from the tour for safety reasons. Mention is usually made of France's growing Muslim population. Really, could France secure the route? Lance has stated that he'd like for there to be some security, but has no inclination to withdraw from the race.

I for one, am looking forward to seeing him take on the world again this summer.

Here's to you, Lance Armstrong, all American!