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Sunday, April 06, 2003

My Hero of the Week (Part 1)

Many of you have already heard the story
of the yelow ribbons in Fieldsboro, NJ. In short:

Mayor Edward "Buddy" Tyler (news stories don't state his party affiliation, therefore assume 'democrat') of Fieldsboro, NJ, backed unanimously by the town council, demands that yellow ribbons be removed from public property.

He states something to the effect of 'if we let patriots display ribbons we'll have to allow displays of Swastikas or Confederate flags!' (There are more things wrong with that sentence then there are words in it. Note, for instance, that Swastikas and Confederate flags are getting the unquestioned "moral equivalency" treatment these days.)

Outcry is immediate and spreads well beyond the towns borders.

FIELDSBORO, N.J. -- Unhappy with the mayor's policy banning yellow ribbons on municipal property, ralliers marched through town Saturday, tacking the offending emblems on everything from the front door of the town hall to the mayor's car.

Led by Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa, about 100 marchers left ribbons along the main street, then affixed dozens more to a pine tree when they reached an old school building that now serves as town hall for this central New Jersey borough's 522 residents.

The crowd whooped and cheered when Sliwa bedecked the hood ornament of the mayor's Lincoln with a big yellow bow.

Now, of course, some editorials are trying to downplay the idiocy of Tyler's behavior (can you say liberal papers in liberal state?):

Tyler, in the crosshairs, is a bit mystified. "I think things
are really blown a little bit out of proportion. Me and my council strongly support the troops," he told one reporter.

Whatever. He's an idiot. And really just the latest sh1ts@ck in government to be exposed by the war. And very minor at that.

But I'm personally tired of all the negative news - hence my focus on the positive. My personal hero of the week is the same guy who was out pumping gas for people during the muslim sniper crisis a while back.

Does this compare to the heroics of the folks at the front? To Jessica Lynch? To the relatives of POW's, MIAs, KIAs? No - not even close. Can you or I do what those people are doing? Chances are no.

Can we hang yellow ribbons? Yes. Even in Fieldsboro NJ.

Here's to you, Curt Sliwa.
I wish I coulda been there...