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Tuesday, April 29, 2003


Apparently, in addition to white men, there are lots of other colors and genders of people in the world. I was surprised to hear this, since other then this week they never get any press, but it's true. To you more aware readers it may seem hardly believable that Media Diversity Week is here again already, but it is. I know, it hardly seems like a year has gone by, but it has. Time sure does fly. Can you believe that "Time-Out for Diversity and Accuracy" is in it's fifth year? Wow. And you thought it was just a fad. This story is from from AP's Minority Issues Writer, Deborah Kong. There was no picture of Deb with the story but her name sounds Chinese. I think I get a diversity point for linking her (I also assume she is female).

"With special reporting assignments, training sessions and critiques of their own newspapers, journalists across the country will begin a weeklong effort Monday to focus on diversity in their coverage.

Newspaper newsrooms and Associated Press bureaus around the country are participating in the project, a joint project of the Associated Press Managing Editors and the American Society of Newspaper Editors diversity committees.

This year, organizers are providing new diversity tools, including a video that features the Poynter Institute's Keith Woods offering advice on how to write respectfully about race and ethnicity, former ASNE president Diane McFarlin discussing hiring and retention and Yarnold talking about how to create a newsroom committed to reflecting a diverse community.

Participants also can use the Maynard Institute's new online software to check on how often minority voices get into their newspapers. And they'll also be directed to the SPJ's Internet database of diverse sources, called the Rainbow Sourcebook.

During the week, the San Jose Mercury News plans to assess photos that have appeared in the newspaper — studying the age, race and gender of the subjects, among other things — and to watch Woods' portion of the video, Yarnold said."

Well, count me in! I am glad our nations media will no longer write callously about minorities. It's about time. Also, I hope they don't count the sports sections. That would be unfair. I think they should only count the news sections. And at Mudville, we celebrate diversity everyday!

Update: I've searched the on-line news sites and so far only Fox is covering "Time Out for Diversity and Accuracy" publicly. I hope the rest aren't ignoring it. I have noticed lot's of Arabic-types in the news lately though...