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Sunday, April 20, 2003

From 6 Apr 03:

This Just In...

Baghdad (IP News)
In a surprise statement
the Iraqi Ministry of Truth has announced the hiring of Hans Blix to determine whether or not US Troops have invaded Iraq, and if so, exactly how far into the country have they advanced.

"We see this as a good-faith effort on the part of the Iraqis to resolve an ongoing dispute between two nations." Said a multi-national UN spokesperson.

"So far," said Blix "I've not been able to detect any signs of them. Neither the troops themselves, damage they might have caused, or even tracks they would have left in the sands."

Iraqi Ministry of Truth spokesperson Ahmed Achbar Ibnlian, speaking from the shelter of a storm sewer, stated emphatically that this overwhelming evidence justifies their claim of no US troops anywhere near Baghdad.

The UN has requested Blix continue his search.