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Sunday, April 20, 2003

From 5 Apr 03:


Baghdad (IP News)

Elements of the US Army and Marine Corps
today put on one of the most impressive anti-war demonstrations in the history of the world. The protest took the form of a parade through downtown Baghdad.

After watching the event a noticeably shaken spokesman for the Iraqi government was heard to mutter "Well, maybe this war was not such a hot an idea after all. I'm really beginning to see the point these young kids are making. Hey is that coffee I smell?" He then denied having ever been involved with the Baath party. "Boo Saddam! I love George Bush America!"

Numerous of his more warlike party members still did not get the point. They found themselves riding in little white pickup trucks one minute, then standing peacefully in the presence of God the next, courtesy of the overwhelming firepower of the M1A1 Battle Tank.

Master Sergeant Frank Lee Whompass, unofficial spokesman for the demonstrators, stated "It's a wonderful feeling to see these people becoming pacified one way or another as a result of our protest march. This is loads more effective then that crap they tried in San Francisco."

Official word from Baghdad's ruling Baath party was denial of the event. "That was not Baghdad in those movies!" was the only comment.

Worldwide reaction to the 'Greater Baghdad Peacemaker Parade' was mixed. Outside of the Coalition of the Willing, few official government representatives had any comment whatsoever.

A North Korean spokescommunist did state that "We are trying desperately to think up some type of appropriate reply!"