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Friday, April 25, 2003


Howard Dean is yet another member of the Democrat Presidential Candidate Card Deck. Drudge reports that Dean got the great honor to be interviewed by Wolf Blitzer on CNN: Asked if the Iraqi people are better off now than they were under Saddam, Dean said, "We don't know that yet. We don't know that yet, Wolf." Do you think America would be better off under you, Howie?

Wolfie also takes Army Lt General David McKiernan to task over the looted museum issue. Seems The Wolf Man can't figure why our boys couldn't shoot a couple of those damned looters. Reporters love it when criminals get shot, you know. By the way, there were no apologies from McKiernan about the looting that took place in Baghdad, including at the museums. Could the U.S. military have prevented the looting? Here's how he put it: "I will tell you that our priority was to fight the enemy and to protect the Iraqi people."

Meanwhile it looks like the Democrats are still not geting the message out. Try harder kids! Try harder!

Here's an easy message to get: Advice from this guy equals lower popularity!

Oh my gosh, don't panic! Surely this won't last!

Choose your favorite one-liner for this one:
a. Dixie Chicks fans fired!
b. How wrong is this?
c. Yea but where were their guns?
d. Kerry, other Santorum attackers say it's their right!

Madonna's latest is in the Bargain Bin. Nude mag cover to follow?

Turkish super spies nailed in Kirkuk! Love those NATO allies!

Is this for real? I mean, consider the implications, and note the clueless liberal status of the author. As I read it I kept hoping for the lightbulb to come on, but no luck...

And finally this: "U.S. Officials Grilling Tariq Aziz" for pleasure or for food?

More Later!