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Tuesday, April 29, 2003


I had World Net Daily's three top line commentators yesterday do follow-up opinion pieces for me ; ) on some issues I've touched on lately. Note that these are opinions on news, not actual news (for those confused by CNN, Reuters, the AP, et al.). Also, they are the opinions of the individual authors.

Barbara Simpson on CNN's supression of news.

Vox Day on NOW's support for the murderer of Laci and Connor Peterson.

Joseph Farah on Lara Jakes Jordan, gay-rights proponent and wife of John Kerry's campaign manager who wrote the op-ed piece posing as news exposing Sen Rick Santorum as a human being with opinions.

Who is Lara Jakes Jordan?

For starters, she is married to veteran Democratic Party operative Jim Jordan, the former executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and manager of Sen. John Kerry's presidential bid.

Not surprisingly, the Massachusetts Democrat was among the first to criticize Santorum's remarks, using it as an opportunity to attack the White House. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Kerry got an advance copy of the article given his connections.

But there's more to the Lara Jakes Jordan story.

In January of this year, Mrs. Jordan was one of the signatories on a letter to her bosses at the AP attacking the news organization for "rolling back diversity" by not extending benefits to domestic partners.

In a symbolic move, the signatories to the letter returned key chains AP management gave them to "celebrate" its corporate diversity. The key chains carried the slogan: "AP Diversity: Many Views, One Vision.

Jakes? What kind of parents give their daughter a middle name like Jakes? Of course there's certainly nothing wrong with her expressing her opinion on diversity, gay rights, or what a U.S. Senator thinks. Still, a hatchet job is a hatchet job, and opinions should be on the editorial page (or in Blogs), not the front page. We here at the Mudville Gazette are all about watch-dogging the press.

Of course, the mainstream press has left all this behind and moved right on along, yes? Especially interesting to me is what a non-story the CNN cover-up turned out to be.