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Sunday, April 27, 2003

Eerie Silence in Hollywood as Anti-War Stars Vanish

It's not a fake news story,
it's the real headline! And it's here.

Janeane Garofolo feels she really made out on the whole war thing:
Garofalo, working hard on her upcoming ABC sitcom, did not respond to interview requests for this story. But she told the Washington Post last week that her anti-war stance had been a "positive" experience that had helped her career. "Before this I was a moderately well-known character actress," she told the paper. "Now, I'm almost famous."

Good for her! It's good to see people profit from death.

And Little Mikey Farrel says:
"...the backlash came from a small number of Americans galvanized by the Bush administration and conservative radio talk show hosts.

"There was a well-orchestrated campaign to do that through hate radio and Web sites and voices that sprang from the (Bush) administration and said 'take your choice, you're with us or with the terrorists,"' he said.

"But the Dixie Chicks are back on the air and their record is number one again," he said. "Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon are not going to stop making movies for a long time. Janeane Garofalo has a (TV) pilot going forward. These ugly-mouthed people like to think they are more powerful than they are."

Haters, that's what they are, just haters!

Keep smilin, Mike!