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Thursday, April 24, 2003


Matt Drudge, in one of his most humorous reports ever, updates us on the Dixie Chicks, who are soon to appear on ABC Prime Time Thursday. Loyal fans will recall the Chickies first hit the bigtime by insulting the President of the United States while on foriegn soil during time of war. They then refused to apologize, then "apologized", then stated they were only joking. (Or was that Peter Arnett? I can't tell traitors apart anymore...) Whatever, now they are saying they were "disrespectful." They further claim that they fear for their own safety, even though most Americans would have been content to ignore them forever now if they would just shut up and go away.

This quote from the little pudgy one in the middle sums it all up:

MAINES: …I ask questions. That's smart. That's intelligent. To find out facts not to just, 'Okay, we're going over here now.' I say, 'Why are we going over there?' And I don't mean to Iraq, I mean across the room. Since I was tiny, you've had to tell me why I have to do something…

Natalie, you have to shut up and go away now. America just doesn't like you. That's an opinion about you based on your words and actions. You are not smart. Is that enough explanation?