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Tuesday, April 08, 2003


Remember those good old, care free, pre-war days
from last month? How half the world wet themselves in one way or another over the many possible outcomes of the impending war in Iraq?

By now, they were saying, the stock market would be down, America would be in flames along with Baghdad...thousands dead, hundreds of thousands of refugees... "quagmire"... "Viet Nam"... dead babies...

Of course, "it's not over yet," but how sad the poor deluded anti-everything crowd must be. Clinging vainly to the pronouncements of the Iraqi Minister of Truth, even as the Tanks rolled in. And all the while the refugee camps remained a little less crowded then a typical American soup kitchen.

Well...some may be willing to "move on" and "put all that behind us" and "move boldly forward," but I want to be nostalgic from time to time here at the Gazette. Today I'll look at an article from "Alternet" - an insignificant little communist e-zine, but still representative of the shallow minds at work on that side of the fence (way way way out in left field).

In 'Bush Wins': The Left's Nightmare Scenario, Mark LeVine wrote (among other drivel):

"With war seemingly imminent, the movement is being forced to fall back on a second scenario, "Everyone Loses," in which the warnings of a protracted and bloody war that destabilizes the Middle East and increases terrorism bear their bitter fruit.

However unpalatable in terms of destroyed lives and infrastructure, this latter scenario would at least quash the Administration's imperial dreams and force the kind of soul searching of United States' policies that is a major goal of the movement. But this outcome is less likely than many assume, and the antiwar movement would be well advised to plan for a third scenario: "Bush Wins."

In this third scenario, the war is over quickly with relatively low U.S. casualties, some sort of mechanism for transitional rule is put in place, and President Bush and his policies gain unprecedented power and prestige. From my recent conversations with organizers and their latest pronouncements, it is clear that this possibility has yet to be addressed. Waiting much longer could spell disaster for the antiwar movement. "

(Note italicized emphasis is added - Greyhawk)

LeVine goes on and on. As wretched as it is, people should read this crap to (a) see how ridiculous these people are and (b) see how dangerous these people are. Levine claims to be an assistant prof at Cal Irvine. I believe him. He mentions working with your kids at a teach in. That's nauseating. He says they have great ideas for how the left should respond to his 'Bush Wins" nightmare. That's disturbing. (Note from most accounts I've heard, the faculty at most Universities have been very disappointed in their students non-anti-war stances. See John Lemon's Blog, for instance. John's one of the good guys!)

LeVine also claims to have spent 6 years in the Middle East. Apparently with his eyes closed. He's quite convinced, we can see from his writing, of his superiority to the average Muslim (and to you and me, for that matter.)

Anyhow...his worst case scenario is fast becoming reality. Can't wait to see what happens next...

A little rant (i've e-mailed this to the maggots, you can too at this address.):

Hey, Alternet,
How about taking Jessica Lynch's picture off your front page before the 3rd ID comes home, okay, sh1ts@cks? Or maybe she'll kick your asses by herself. This young lady is not your hero. She does not need you or anyone like you to take care of her. You could not begin to comprehend how far beneath contempt you are.