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Friday, April 04, 2003


Host: I'm Phil Gonerwho. Hello and welcome to my new show "Buck Fush"
Audience goes wild. Pearl Jam theme music plays.
Host: You know words can't express how proud I am to be the first host of a radio show here on the millionaire liberal funded left wing talk radio 'Excrement in Broadcast' network.
(Confused murmur from audience)
Host: I mean I'm happy to be here!
(Applause from crowd)
Host: And having been shut down on my previous network TV job (audience boos) I know exactly what it's like to be a victim of censorship. (more audience boos, some jeers)
But the biggest victim of censorship yet this century has got to be my guest today (excited buzz from audience, a few gasps) ladies and gentlemen, Peter Arnett!!
(audience roars as Pearl Jam plays again, roar subsides as music fades)
Host: Peter, thanks for being here.
Guest: It's good to be here Phil. And might I add I really wish I had your hair. (audience chuckles)
Host: Peter, the mainstream right wing media has tried to stifle you, but you've survived.
Guest: Yes I have Phil! (cheers)
Host: And now you'll be getting your own show here on EIB! (Audience gasps again)
Guest: That's right Phil, it's going to be called "Amerika Sux!" (crowd applause)
Host: Wow! Wish I'd have thought of that!
Guest: We got it from demographic focus groups Phil. It was positively received by 100 percent of our core constituency. And I do like your hair. It's more silver then anything, like real silver...
Host: Thanks, Peter. You've still got a hair yourself I see. How do you maintain it?
Guest: I'm sorry, lost myself there, what?
Host: Never mind. So my show is about hating the president and the government, but your show will be different, I'm assured, in that it's more about..
Guest: Hatred for Amerika and everything it's come to stand for, Phil. (Audience roars approval)
Host: Well it certainly sounds like these people will be listeners! Okay we'll be back with call-ins from our listeners just after this word from our sponsors...
Theme music (Pearl Jam again) rises as crowd applauds again...