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Thursday, April 10, 2003


Grey: Hey did you hear
about the Arab-Americans celebrating in the streets in Michigan?

Hawk: Yes, but I'm confused of course, since some things I've read would indicate total opposition to the war by Arab-Americans. Somebody must be wrong! It's probably fake movies of the demonstrations.

Grey: Say, Michigan, isn't Dave Bonior from there?

Hawk: Yes, if you mean the guy who said this in 1999:

What you have here is the American people supporting by about a two to one margin our efforts in the air campaign to stop this brutality. And this is brutality of genocidal proportions. We're talking about a person here who is burning villages, a million homeless in Kosovo as a result of this action -- women being raped as a weapon of war; sons and fathers being dragged off of convoys and shot to death. We heard something yesterday of about 100 that were killed; men and boys being tied up and burned alive. And the American people understand this. They understand oppression. They understand that very, very well. And at their core, they react to it. And that's why there's so much support in the country for this policy. NATO supports it. The Republicans in the Senate, 17 of them went along in a bipartisan way supporting this campaign...
...And they've referred to it as Mr. Clinton's war on the floor of the House on numerous occasions. The last thing we need to do is to make partisan this war effort. These are not Democrats or Republicans that are fighting there on our behalf and trying to end this genocide. These are American, young men and women. And we ought to be on their side. And we ought not to be sending a message and pulling the rug out from underneath them by voting against what they're doing...
...The President has brought leading Democrats and Republicans. We had 50 some or so down to the White House, Senate and House members, to talk about this yesterday. He's done this periodically on a regular basis to keep people apprised of it. I'm concerned that they were trying to pull the rug out from him on this one.

And he also said this:
“What is America supposed to do? Are we supposed to look the other way?... We simply cannot and will not let the worst of history repeat itself.”

Grey: Wow, he's non partisan for sure! But actually I was thinking about the guy who went to Iraq a few months ago and said this:

If it turns out Iraq maintains a weapons of mass destruction program, would a U.S.-led preemptive assault be justified then? Mr. Bonior, again: "No. I wouldn't support military action in this endeavor at all."

...In Basra, he and Bonior as much as charged the United States with war crimes in connection with the first, 1991 invasion of Iraq. Asked by reporters about Saddam's suspected pursuit of an atomic bomb, Bonior replied that "the only nuclear piece that we've been able to detect an incredible, unconscionable increase in leukemias and lymphomas for children that have been affected by this, the uranium that has been part of our weapons system that was dropped here." Bonior's (approving) reference was to Iraqi allegations that trace residues from U.S. explosive shells hardened by low-radiation "depleted uranium" have widely poisoned Persian Gulf War battlefields. We have done a "horrendous, a barbaric, horrific thing," Bonior said, and "the world community needs to know about it."

The world community already knows about "it," actually. At least 13 Western governments have sent scientific teams to analyze the environmental health effects of depleted-uranium munitions employed in wartime. So has the U.N. And the World Health Organization. And the European Commission. And the British Royal Society. And no such inquiry has ever produced a speck of evidence to substantiate the charges David Bonior would like to resuscitate on behalf of "the children" in Iraq.

Hawk: Well actually they are the same guy.

Grey: Nooooo!

Hawk: Oh yes. Now he's the darling of the communist party. Right up there with Ramsey Clark.

Grey: Great Googly Moogly! What's this moron up to now?

Hawk: He's running for Governor.

Grey: Wow. Only in America, huh? Well I hope he has marketable skills too...

Hey... did my inner monologue get out?