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Friday, March 21, 2003


from the "ashes of defeat", can you feel some little sympathy for them - timing their little demonstrations for what they thought was the height of the bombing that never came? Naaah, me neither.

So will we see damage comparisons between Baghdad and San Fran? Oh well, gotta expect some losses. (Hey, San Franciscans, I know the majority of you are good and moral people. You have my sympathy.)

Here's the next spin-job heading down the pike. Are you ready?

"The Iraqi people would have overthrown Saddam years ago if it wasn't for the sanctions"

Do I need to address the obvious? Coming from the Iraqi people (and I surely wish nothing but the best for them now and always) this will sound like a pale attempt for sympathy, or an excuse for not tossing Stalin Jr. 10 years ago.

Coming from elsewhere it will be used to advance agendas and in support of this corollary:

" We owe the Iraqi people _(insert whatever you think we owe them here)__ for the years of suffering we caused them"

Of course, the U.S. will be providing for the Iraqi people for some time, but as always, watch out for the "we" people, know what I mean?

And here's the most insidious corollary, which also will likely be used as a stand-alone:
"Bush decided not to Bomb because of our protests"
Great self-esteem booster for the flower power throw-backs, sure-fire recruiting tool, will look good on the cover of the brochures.)

And here, if it's true, is another one (we'll know soon)
"Bush just got lucky"

There will be variations on the theme, I'm sure, but I'll bet most will sound like these basic lines. I might even keep a scorecard.

Pathetic. But if you find yourself discussing it here or elsewhere, be nice to the poster (they're probably just parroting) politely point out their failed logic, and you might gain a convert. Or at least plant that first kernel of truth.

They're going to come out of the woodwork people, from every persuasion, every imaginable group, every imaginable agenda. "Now we have to...."

But what do you think, does the CinC have a plan?

Seems like it so far...