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Saturday, March 29, 2003

"The liberal view in the liberal vs. conservative debate can not survive the immediate "printed" media that is today's web."
--Greyhawk's Theory

Nonetheless, the liberals will not go away.
--The Terwilliger corollary

And maybe I'm stupid, but here, reposted is Greyhawk's Theory in it's original form:

Sunday, March 16, 2003

Posted 4:05 AM by grey

Do Liberal's have computers too?

Just got back from Scrapple Face where I posted a request for anyone to provide a comparable site with a liberal point of view. Got some responses that included near misses, ( and some tongue-in-cheek (, but no real leads. The comment section on Scrapple Face, primarily a one-man news satire site, is quickly becoming the great public forum of our day. But it's predominately conservative in nature. No surprise then, that the few attempts by liberal posters to make any points there are rather quickly exposed for what they are - feeble and poorly thought out, or mere repetitions of catch phrases and slogans. The ease with which these would-be pundits are dispatched with simple fact and logic is astounding. This was the motivating factor for my request: could I successfully run circles around them on their own forum? Imagine then my disappointment; there is no such forum!

Which lead me to this thought: The liberal view in the liberal vs. conservative debate can not survive the immediate "printed" media that is today's web.

Think about it. In Nazi Germany Hitler could address the masses without fear of another opinion. In communist nations of the later 20th century (and in American universities to this day) a few stooges in the rent-a-crowd to lead the cheers at the appropriate moments ensured minimum dissent from the hive-mind. In American TV debate a moron can chant catchy slogans (It's the economy, stupid! Where was George? If it don't fit, you must acquit!) and be declared "witty" by the media. And what about that media? Can you imagine CNN with a comment section like Scrapple Face? Why can't they have one?

Simple. Once a liberal puts feeble arguments in writing in a place where feedback can be delivered immediately and read by the same people reading the original argument then their comments can be exposed for the thoughtless drivel and nonsense that they are. When all parties can review and reflect (and re-read for accuracy) both sides of an argument, the logical, reasoned, and moral side will generally win the day. In 21st century American politics, that side is invariably the conservative side.

So since there's no liberal equal to scrapple face, how about the more "traditional" news sites? Let USA Today put a "Comments" tag on their next protest march coverage (always complete with lots of photos of those "witty" signs; "Buck Fush" seems to be the most compelling anti-war statement of this generation.) Let CNN post a "comment" link with their next story about a poll telling me what the majority of Americans are thinking. C'mon Fox News, you guys are unbiased, right? Try it! I know we won't get the die-hards to change their minds, but maybe we can stop the brainwashing of the young. Let's all celebrate true diversity on the World Wide Web.
Til then, see y'all on Scrapple Face!

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- Greyhawk