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Monday, March 24, 2003

"John Smith" posted a quick blurb about the President failing diplomacy..blah blah, you've heard it all. Here's my two eurocents:

To all John Smiths of this world

When you go to bed tonight,
think that somewhere there's a US Soldier sleeping in a cot in a tent, probably on top of a sleeping bag with a sprinkling of sand for extra comfort...maybe he has a picture of the wife or kids, or if he's really young, mom and dad.
He may have joined for education, or to get out of Dodge, or to see the world, or family tradition, maybe even for patriotism, maybe even because of what he saw on TV on 911!
Can you grasp this? I'm talking about a real person, and he's suffering gladly now to protect you so please take a minute of your life to learn something important about him:
He has the real possibility of dying tomorrow.
He may have to kill someone tomorrow. It won't be like on TV, that person will be real dead.
It may be a long painful death, John.
A lot of Moms on both sides may already have hugged their kid for the last time, John.
The human cost of the next few days may be astounding. To know the whole reality is more then you or I or anyone could bear.
People will die.
It could have been avoided.
I will keep this simple for now:
A united world could have, just maybe, brought down Saddam without firing a shot.
We will never know.
Americans who exercised their God-given right (by virtue of American Birth, and defended by the American GI) to protest helped ensure that unified front would never form.
Strangely enough, that right is what the soldier will fight for. Will kill for, may die for.
Will he hate you for it, John? Does it matter to you John?
What about his mom, John? Think it's funny? Are you thinking up funny things you can post in denial right now John?
Your denial doesn't matter John.
I don't know how any one else might feel about you John. It would be the height of arrogance for me to claim I did.
But now multiply that guy by 300,000..
Here's how I feel John. I can not comprehend, nor will I ever til the day I die, how someone could be so vile as to force the onset of war just because they think they might have a better shot at getting one of their fellow dirt bags elected President in two years, John.
You have blood on your hands, you little pathetic cretin. You are beneath contempt. Your priorities are so twisted there may be no hope for restoral.
Now blame George Bush, you transparent little moron. Guess what, John? I posted yesterday that you would do it. I posted D'ash'holes comments before he made them, John. Look around the previous posts and you'll find them. You people are predictable John.
Obstruct, then blame the victim for lack of progress.
This time, John, your victim is not just George Bush. It is the US military and the people of America and Iraq. (Do you think you can trick the Iraqi's into loving you John? They hate Saddam Hussein you know? They saw you on TV, too John.)
Their blood is on your hands, John.
You may have sown the wind John.
Good night John, sleep tight.
Posted by: greyhawk on March 18, 2003 09:53 AM