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Sunday, March 23, 2003

Have had a lengthy on-line debate about war, protest, etc. with someone claiming to be a Canadian socialist. Individual made the usual bigotted (Iraqis can't govern themselves) lies (500,000 refugees from the war so far) that got me searching through his previous posts I had til now unfortunately ignored. Turns out he was a Nazi! Pretty chilling stuff he wrote, and though I should have walked away I couldn't resist flaming him. This guy really was disturbing, to say the least. If anyone wants to see it, it's all near the bottom of comments on ScrappleFaces original "Axis of Weasels" story. But I'm telling you, this guy is chilling..

And since I'm proud of some of the enemies I've made in this world, here's one of his quotes:

"...Oh and just to let you know: Me and my kind have succeded already in Europe and Canada - and with people like you around, I doubt there is much hope for the US to follow suit."
-'Sputnikx' - Nazi or socialist, depending on the moment

-- ...And with people like me around, you're right! Thanks!!
Greyhawk ; )