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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Greyhawks thought for the day

I've seen some 'right wing hate speech'
here and there on the web lately, and here's why I think it's mostly bogus.
It's been my good fortune to have lived all over the world, to have known people from all walks of life. I've never personally met a raving lunatic bent on killing everyone different then they are. I know they do exist, but I believe the only place they exist in great quantity is within the media.
So I think a lot of left wing individuals, convinced by the media of the widespread existence of these right wing wackos, are driven to respond in hate and fear. One of their responses is to try and satirize these people by pretending to be them in online posts. Are you following me?
So this in turn helps prove Greyhawks Theory (see below) in that the 'satire' fails because it's of something that really hardly exists at all today. And most adults know this.
In other words I suspect "Straw Man Satire" runs rampant on the web.
And if I'm naive, it's the kind of naivete that comes from having lived all around the world.

Keep smilin', people!