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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Buck Fush!!

Host: Hi there callers, megadillos! I'm back for another day of hot political chat! Who? Phil Gonerwho, that's who! First on-air personality for the multi-millionaire funded nation-wide anti-capitalist liberal talk radio network. The Name of my new show is "Buck Fush"

(sound of applause - theme music plays - Elton John's "Sad Songs")

Host: Yes, today we're all as sad as D'ashole because Bush is such a fool that he couldn't unite the world to stop a madman like Saddam Hussein! What a loser! But hey, it's not all bad, every cloud has a silver lining! And we're going to talk about why this war is bad for America, a disaster for the Stock Market, and good for the Democratic party!

(Audience applauds loudly)

Let's start with a call. And folks we've got a conservative listener on line one. Go ahead caller, you're on!

Caller: Phil, the stock market is going up, but you said,,,

Host: Well...isn't that the typical right-wing response? People are going to die in a war and all you care about is your investment portfolio! You rich republicans kill me!

Caller: They'd like to kill you, Phil, but their morals interfere. But I'm not rich. I don't even have enough money to invest Phil, I was just responding to...

Host: You have no money to invest, and you think the Bush tax cut will fix that? Buddy you won't get enough for car repairs...

Caller: I wasn't talking about the Bush tax cut...

Host: Nobody's talking about it now, and that's the way Bush wants it. It's another reason he's going to war, to distract from the failed economy!!!!

(Crowd roar)

We'll be back people, after a word from our sponsors...